The Best

Debbie Sowell was our realtor and is the kind of person you want working for you when you really need a partner. Selling a house can only be just showing it, but Debbie is in my opinion the best of the best. She has so much knowledge and contacts that no matter what you need to get done for that house to be what is needs to be, to be sold and you have decent listening skills (what I have heard from my wife…) so that you can take the advice of her and her contacts, it seems like almost anything was possible. Not only did she handle the role of my realtor but also my local contact for work I had contracted that was in-progress because we had already moved out of town. And another high point for us was that she was very prompt on returning our calls. Even when she was slammed / busy it was never later than the end of the day. I hope you also have the chance to make a friend in Debbie!